Are laptop screens measured diagonally? Best Guide in 2023

Are laptop screens measured diagonally?

What Exactly is Measured?

Did you know your laptop screen is measured in a unique way? Unlike what you might perceive, screens of laptops or gadgets are not measured widthwise or lengthwise. They are, in fact, measured diagonally. This might sound tricky or even baffling, but here’s a comprehensive guide to understand the fascinating world of laptop screen measurements.

The Measurement: From Corner to Corner

The size of a laptop screen is determined by taking a measurement from one corner right across to the diagonally opposing corner. A simple tape measure can be used to identify the size of your screen diagonally across in inches.

Aspect Ratio: A Key Player

The aspect ratio of the screen, which is the ratio of the width of the display to its height, is also crucial. For example, an aspect ratio of 16:9 means the width is almost twice the height.

Pixels Matter Too

While screen size is measured in inches, the screen’s resolution is based on its total number of pixels. Screen resolution can greatly affect the crispness and clarity of images and text on your laptop screen.

Why Measure it Diagonally?

You may wonder why we measure laptop screens diagonally. The truth lies in standardization. By measuring diagonally, manufacturers ensures that irrespective of the aspect ratio, the diagonal measurement is constant.

A Peep into History

This method of measurement is not new-fangled. It goes back to the era of CRT monitors where the covering for the display was also included in the size measurement. As the display screens got flatter, the method of measuring diagonally remained intact for the sake of consistency.

How Can You Find Your Laptop Screen Size?

You can easily find out the size of your laptop screen by using a measuring tape. Ditch the measure horizontally or vertically rule; instead, you have to carry out the measurement diagonally. But remember, only the screen area counts; exclude any surrounding bezels.


Steps Result
1. Identify top left corner of the screen Starting Point
2. Identify bottom right corner of the screen End Point
3. Take a standard measuring tape Tool
4. Stretch the tape from the top left corner to the bottom right corner gracefully Measurement in Inches


Does the Accuracy Matter?

Yes, to an extent. When looking to buy a new laptop, people often decide according to their screen size preference. While manufacturers round off figures to the nearest digit for convenience, this practice could affect your choice if precision is your priority. Make sure you know the exact size of the screen before buying.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, laptop screens are indeed measured diagonally. This universally accepted method ensures maximum consistency. So next time when you decide to buy a new laptop and pay attention to the screen size, remember, it’s the diagonal length that counts.

Remember, understanding laptop dimensions can seem puzzling at first, but it’s crystal clear when you break it down.


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