Can you bring a laptop into madison square garden? Best Guide 2023

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Understanding Madison Square Garden’s Electronic Device Policy: Laptops

A visit to Madison Square Garden (MSG) offers an exciting array of events, be it a thrilling basketball game or an electrifying music concert. However, one common question on every visitor’s mind is, “Can you bring a laptop into Madison Square Garden?” Let’s dive into a comprehensive understanding of this topic.

Madison Square Garden’s Laptop Policy

Know that bringing any electronic device into a large venue like Madison Square Garden is always surrounded by strict regulations. Typically, for the majority of events hosted by the stadium, visitors are not allowed to bring laptops into the arena as per the official guidelines. The exhaustive list of prohibited items usually includes laptops, tablets, professional cameras, recording devices, and other similar electronic gadgets.

Reasons for strict Laptop Policy

Madison Square Garden’s rule against laptops isn’t arbitrary. Basically, it stems from concern about copyright infringement, disruption of the event, and attendees’ safety. A laptop could potentially be used to record, broadcast, or sell copyrighted content. Additionally, bulky items like laptops could impede the view or pose a risk in case of an emergency.

Exceptions in the Laptop Rule

While laptops are generally not allowed in the stadium, there are occasional exceptions to the rule. There may be select events where laptop use is permitted. In such circumstances, it is always advisable to check the official Madison Square Garden website or directly connect with their customer service for timely and accurate information.

Alternatives at Madison Square Garden

Since laptops are typically prohibited, visitors might wonder about their options for remaining connected during the event. Thankfully, Madison Square Garden has made provisions like free public WiFi for its guests, allowing you to keep in touch with the world through your mobile phone.


Despite the restrictions on bringing laptops into Madison Square Garden, your experience at the venue is destined to be memorable. It’s best to go through the official website for the most accurate information to prepare for your visit, ensuring adherence to the guidelines laid down by MSG. While the laptop policy may seem strict, remember that it is in place for everyone’s benefit – ensuring people can enjoy the event without disruptions.


This article refers to the laptop policy at Madison Square Garden as of 2023. Policies may change from time to time, so always check the latest information on the official website or contact customer service before your visit.


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